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At Redeemer Church we teach the biblical principle of stewardship. We believe that everything we have belongs to God and we are only looking after, or are stewards of, what He has given us. It is with this in mind that we encourage people who call Redeemer their home to give regularly and generously. It takes resources to fulfil all that God has given us to do.

It is our practice to take an offering at every Sunday morning meeting. However, many give directly from their bank account by a regular standing order. Giving in this way means that those who have responsibility for looking after the finances at Redeemer have the benefit of knowing that an assured amount will be available each month. Tithing (giving 10% or more of our income) is a commitment that many of us at Redeemer Church have decided to undertake.

As mentioned above, we ask all those who call Redeemer Church their ‘home’ to prayerfully consider the amount that they give regularly – and to review that sum as their situation may change. Responsible, joyful giving is one of the marks of a Christ follower!

You can give in a few ways, you can give by cheque (made payable to Redeemer Trust LTD), you can set up a standing order (click here to download forms) or you can also give online* using the church app giving tool below. If you are a UK tax payer you can also ‘Gift Aid’ your giving (click here to download a Gift Aid form)

*If you choose to give online please be aware that we do not receive the full amount of your gift due to admin fees. If you would like to give regularly please get in touch with the church office.

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