[ Meet the New Intern at Redeemer ]

Hello there, my name’s Jaz Cresswell. Originally, I am from Exeter and grew up in a media and arts focused family. If I am not working or reading, you will find me dancing or playing bass guitar in my spare time. Ballet in particular is one of those hobbies that I have continued since childhood through graded examinations, and continue as a stress relief or an act of worship seventeen years on.

My journey into a university degree was surprising. God had been clear about me playing to my strengths in communication and to pursue an English degree, but it seemed extraordinary to do this with dyslexia. I did, however, find that God fulfilled what he had promised and I had prayed for. Notwithstanding the numerous struggles I found with my learning difference, I am now graduating with one of the highest firsts on my degree course. The differences between my pieces of writing in 2015 to now are astonishing. Praise be to God! Additionally, as a result of my theologically based dissertation project, I have had amazing opportunities to open up about my faith in academic circles. I even have a friend starting to come to Christ as she worked so closely with my project and started preaching to others what she had picked up about Christianity’s core. It is instances like this when I felt humbled that God is calling me to communicate his gospel.

Most recently, I moved to Plymouth for my final year of university and have been a part of Redeemer Church during this time. I have now decided to stay in Plymouth post-degree as I have found a real sense of community here (I am a Janner for sure now.) In amongst my final university year, I also worked as a Support Worker at God TV and have just finished my time there. In this role, I was organising charitable donations and answering prayer requests for difficult cases, such as a partner calling in with mental illness. After praying through situations with people, I then directed them to further medical/social services if needed. This was a great experience as I was able to preach the gospel and minister to people, whilst witnessing many great testimonies of healing and breakthroughs. I found this job rewarding, but because it lacks the ability to be face-to-face in pastoral care, I have left the company to pursue my calling to church leadership and ministry. I have had this calling on my heart for a few years, and had various teaching/leading positions in work environments, yet it is only recently that I was encouraged to begin my ministry leadership journey. This is why I am starting an Internship with Redeemer for a year or two to build on this pursuit while working as a Sales Associate at Quiz in Drake’s Circus.

The focus of my internship will be “Welcome and Integration”, and specifically I will begin to take over leading the Welcome team from Jon & Dee White. My role in the church will be to develop our welcome and integration strategy for visitors and new members of the church. I will be around on a Sunday managing the Welcome area and working in the week at the church offices with daily church duties. Also, I am starting the Foundations leadership training course in Bournemouth once a month, starting in October. I am excited about this course as I enjoy studying theology in my free time and it gives me an opportunity to build on previous study experiences I have had at Exeter University too. This course will provide an excellent way to marry my essay writing skills and explore the essential training needed for leadership.

As a long-term goal, I want to test my career choice as an Army Chaplin. Though I aspired to join the forces since childhood, I did not want to join the combat side unlike some of my relatives. Ministering to people in the forces is a challenging job, but it is something that would be a worthwhile career choice, especially with my passion to care for people in desperate environments. Having said all that, I am open to God having other ideas for my life and it is my hope that doing this internship will test my call as I seek to explore leadership and advance my biblical knowledge.

If you would like to pray about anything specifically, I would love for you to pray for me in these ways:


  • That I will have a clarity of mind whilst testing this ministry leadership calling and what God has planned for me career-wise.


  • That I will make financially secure decisions. Although I have secured a part-time job alongside the internship, I really ask for wisdom on organising when to work at Quiz and when I can do my church office hours.


  • That I will see this exciting new start after university in a positive manner. I pray I will not burn out or be overwhelmed by: balancing living in my new house in Plymouth, having new jobs, and going on this course and internship.

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