[ Help! Who should I vote for? ]

We are now a day away from voting in the up and coming general election. I don’t know about you but I have found it very difficult to know how best to vote.

As I have sought to read and listen to the various parties and their pledges I am left feeling increasingly concerned and unimpressed by what I hear. It seems like, in many ways, we have reached an all-time low in British politics. In a desire to get some perspective and wisdom on this I recently read a helpful article by John Stevens (National Director FIEC). In it he made some helpful observations and I would strongly encourage you to follow the link http://www.john-stevens.com/2019/12/general-election-none-of-above-why-has.html and take the time to read the full article ahead of Thursday, rather than just the brief excerpt below. The article in no way convinces me to vote one way or another but what he does do is helpfully remind me that:


  • No matter what choice you make, have the humility to realise that other brothers and sisters will exercise their wisdom in a different way.


  • This election is hyped as crucial to determine the future of the nation, but that is nonsense. Christians, of all people, know that our hope is not to be placed in politicians. Jesus is risen, ascended and ruling at God’s right hand. He holds the nations, including our own, in his hand, and to him the are a drop in a bucket.


  • Whatever happens, the Bible assures us that God is working out his good purpose to bring about the reconciliation of all things under Christ. In this age that may mean our nation experiencing costly suffering, painful refining or even being handed over to ever escalating wickedness – or it may not.


  • The future ultimately does not rest on our choice. If we prayerfully apply wisdom and make a choice with good conscience, we can leave the result to God. He is sovereign and I am not – which is good news.


  • I may want “none of the above” but I can rest confident in the rule of the one who bears the name that is above all names, and whose ultimate victory is, despite all the current opinion polls to the contrary, a forgone conclusion.


Our nation is in a desperate state on a number of levels and that knowledge should ‘make us weep and pray for revival.’ No matter what the outcome on Thursday let us continue to firstly, cry out to God for those in authority in our country at this time and secondly, “seek the peace and prosperity of the city” in which we are living.

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